Meet the WeNet Open Call winners

After a successful call (12 July – 30 September 2021) and a challenging evaluation process – involving the 24 total proposals received – we’re proud to introduce you to the WeNet’s Open Call winners, which feature a diverse range of applicants, from universities to NGOs and start-ups, coming from 4 different EU countries (and beyond).

Here’s a few details on the 6 winning proposals presented within the Open Call’s 3 tracks, and on the parties that sent them in:

Ciber4Help : qualitative pilot action on the advantages of the use of the Ask4Help app by cybervolunteers Presented by Fundación Cibervoluntarios | Spain | Track B: Data

Fundación Cibervoluntarios is an NGO working towards the reduction of the digital breach within the society by proposing training on digital skills, and, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they set-up a helpline for citizens to ask questions related to difficulties they may encounter with technology. Through their proposed qualitative pilot project, the WeNet Ask4Help app will directly be applied to this already existing service, by opening it to their cybervolunteers community.

Students and civic engagement – A study about the diversity of students involved in social contribution activities with the help of the WeNet platform
Presented by University of Thessaly (UTH) | Greece | Track B: Data

Proposed by one of the largest academic institutions in Greece, the purpose of this project is to study the diversity of students involved in its social contribution activities with the help of the WeNet platform. Using a digital platform for research and the WeNet i-Log application, the data collection on students from the different departments of the university will be used to bring together students who want to help each other.

VietF&B: Collecting Hand-To-Mouth Activities from Surveys and Mobile Sensing Data
Presented by FPT University | Vietnam | Track B: Data

Building upon the involvement of a large number of Vietnamese students – producing a rich research dataset across three big cities from the north, the middle, and the south of the country – the proposed project will have a multi-faceted goal, including daily activity data sensing through mobile phone sensors and daily food and alcohol consumption log surveys, creating summaries and feedback to participants.

MaTSE: Matchmaking Tool for Social Entrepreneurs
Presented by CommonsLab SCE | Greece | Track A: App

CommonsLab is a Greek social cooperative enterprise (SCE), with the aim to support social and technological innovators, makers and entrepreneurs, to help them launch their ideas in the domain of the social and solidarity economy: their MaTSE project aims to create a virtual assistant, in form of a chatbot, matching social entrepreneurs who wish to create a social cooperative and are in need to find the right funding team and mentorship.

RIALENET Remote Intelligent Access to Lab in Education NETwork
Presented by CRS4, Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna | Italy | Track A: App

This project aims to extend the impact of WeNet with a new application, RIALENET, testing a real use case scenario in the field of genome analysis. The project draws attention to the gap between the productive world and education courses delivered to students during their pathway, where laboratory experimentation is one of the key elements of scientific education. The goal is to improve the way knowledge is accessed through remote intelligent access.

Presented by Think Biosolution | Ireland | Track A: App

This project involves a chatbot collecting symptoms and data on family medical history from diverse groups of patients to determine if they are at risk of developing one or more chronic conditions. This will translate in a clinical study with 100+ healthy individuals, and the data will be used to identify key trends in how users share data based on gender, age and socio-economic stratification. The ChronicDetectDTx could operate together with WeNet’s i-Log and Diversity Survey App or as a stand-alone.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on the next phases of the programme and the projects that will be developed within it.