In this page you can download WeNet’s presentations.

The WeNet Vision (pdf)
Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento
CACM Workshop
Online, August 2021

Diversity, Bias, online social relations and related issues (pdf)
Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento
30th The Web Conference 2021
Online, April 2021

Technology design and diversity: AI for democratic publics? (pdf – German only)
Jessica Heesen and Laura Schelenz, University of Tübingen
University of Tübingen
Tübingen and Online, January 2021

Diversity-aware Technology:
a Concept and Method for Increased Social Justice in Computer Systems
Laura Schelenz, University of Tübingen
Talk @ Know Dive Seminar (University of Trento)
Online, November 2020

Best practices for Transparency in Machine Generated Personalization (video)
Laura Schelenz (University of Tübingen), Avi Segal, and Kobi Gal (Ben-Gurion University)
Online, July 2020

Diversity and Discrimination in Technology Design and Development (pdf)
Laura Schelenz, University of Tübingen
Lecture at Aalborg University
Online, April 2020

Is the EU doing enough on AI? (video)
Carles Sierra, IIIA-CSIC
Online, April 2020

What can AI do for Education – Inaugural lesson of the Academic course of the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (pdf)
Carles Sierra, IIIA-CSIC

La Inteligencia Artifical: Un Enfoque Social (pdf)
Daniel Gatica-Perez, Idiap
Swiss Innovation Night
Madrid, June 2019

AI diversity ethics (pdf)
Daniele Miorandi, U-Hopper
Data Driven Innovation
Rome, May 2019

1st WeNet Policy Workshop “Data for Diversity-Aware Technology: Ethical Considerations(pdf)
Laura Schelenz, University of Tübingen
European Big Data Community Forum 2019
Brussels, November 2019
(Check also the position paper)

“Which regulations are needed for AI?” Panel discussion (video – German only)
Jessica Heesen, University of Tübingen
Lernende Systeme annual conference
July 2019

Value-Driven Adaptive Norms (pdf)
Nardine Osman, IIIA-CSIC
Future Tech Week
Barcelona, September 2019

Follow the white rabbit (pdf)
Ronald Chenu-Abente, University of Trento
Future Tech Week
Trento, September 2019

Co-designing AI services with and for students workshop (pdf)
Amalia de Götzen, Aalborg University
Future Tech Week
Copenhagen, September 2019

Ethical Framework of Diversity (pdf)
Laura Schelenz, Karoline Reinhardt, University of Tübingen
Internal presentation
Tübingen, September 2019

Data for Non-Discriminatory Tech (pdf)
Laura Schelenz, University of Tübingen
Critical Data Studies Workshop at ICWSM 2019
Munich, June 2019

Responsible Autonomy (pdf)
Carles Sierra, IIIA-CSIC
AAMAS 2019
Montreal, May 2019

Diverse Teams in the Classroom (pdf)
Carles Sierra, IIIA-CSIC
AIAED 2019
Beijing, May 2019

Developing Future Technologies for Social Experience (pdf)
Luca Cernuzzi, Catholic University “Nuestra Señora de la Asunción”
CIbSE 2019
Cuba, April 2019