The WeNet Survey starts

The “WENET: Internet of us” innovative survey is part of the project’s pilots, developed in two phases and involving 7 universities among the project’s consortium partners.

The first phase, conducted through an online questionnaire, is currently in action, involving …

D5.1 W​eN​et​’​s​ D​iversity-A​ware​ I​nteractions

WeNet’s main objective is achieving a diversity-aware, machine-mediated paradigm for social interactions. This deliverable focuses on WeNet’s diversity-aware interaction model that enables our online interactions while ensuring they are privacy-compliant, diversity-aware, and in more general terms, fulfil our ethical requirements.

D2.1 Initial individual learning methods

The overall objective of WP2 (Diversity-Aware Learning of Individual Behaviour) is to design and implement, from mobile sensor and app data, new algorithms to achieve diversity-aware individual routine learning, and diversity-aware user category learning. In other words, the learning methods …