Latest Past Events


Munich, Germany

  The increase in social media and Internet users’ exposure to diversity has not come with new instruments and skills to deal with it, despite the invariable impact that diversity has on human lives. This is the main theme of the multi-faceted event that WeNet is organising within the 2nd International Conference on Hybrid Human…

International Conference on Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence (HHAI) 2023

Munich, Germany

Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence (HHAI2023) is the second international conference focusing on the study of Artificial Intelligent systems that cooperate synergistically, proactively and purposefully with humans, amplifying instead of replacing human intelligence. HHAI2023 is organised by the Dutch Hybrid Intelligence Center and the European HumaneAI Network, as the second conference in what we intend to become a…

Symposium “Social Justice and Technological Futures”

University of Tübingen, Germany

The Tübingen Symposium will bring together critiques of unsettling trajectories as well as visions for alternative pathways. The event will question the canonical values in technology creation – scale, efficiency, and (big) data aggregation – while also exploring diverse and potentially competing social justice concepts. The Tübingen Symposium will give invited speakers the opportunity to…