This pages collects all the articles (on newspapers and websites) about the WeNet project.

D. Song, Q. Shen, H. Feng, R. Song, F. Giunchiglia, H. Xu.
Personalized Multi-task Attention for Multi-modal Mental Health Detection and Explanation. In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 45, Cognitive Science Society, Online, April 2023

F. Giunchiglia, I. Bison, M. Busso, R. Chenu-Abente, M. Rodas, M. Zeni, C. Gunel, G. Veltri, A. De Götzen, P. Kun, A. Ganbold, A.Ghagnaa, G. Gaskell, S. Stares, M. Bidoglia, L. Cernuzzi, A. Hume, J. Luis Zarza.
A worldwide diversity pilot on daily routines and social practices (2020)“. University of Trento, 2021

A. Hamdy, L. Schelenz.
ETHICAL FRAMEWORK OF DIVERSITY IN WENET (summary of deliverable 9.1)”
Read the full deliverable here. 2019

  • National University of Mongolia – website | PDF
  • Montsame – Mongolian News Agency – website | PDF