This pages gives you the opportunity to download all the public deliverables of the project once submitted.

Note: Deliverables published in 2020 have only been submitted and are waiting for final approval from the European Commission

Name Date
1.1 Early taxonomy of diversity (PDF) Jul 2019
1.2 Preliminary model of diversity
1.3 A model of diversity
2.1 Initial individual learning methods (PDF) Apr 2020
2.2 Advanced individual learning methods
2.3 Integration of advanced individual learning methods
3.1 Basic social relation learning module (PDF) Apr 2020
3.2 Diversity-aware social relation learning
3.3 Evaluation on WeNet platform
4.1 Algorithms and implementation of single user incentive design (PDF) Apr 2020
4.2 Algorithms and implementation of single user diversity aware incentive design
4.3 Algorithms and implementation social groups diversity aware incentive design
5.1 WeNet’s diversity-aware interactions v1.0 (PDF) Apr 2020
5.2 WeNet’s diversity-aware interactions v2.0
5.3 WeNet’s diversity-aware interactions v3.0
6.1 WeNet platform architecture specifications (PDF) Jan 2020
6.4 WeNet platform and research infrastructure v.4.0
7.1 Critical issues and scenario development (PDF) Dec 2019
7.2 User recruitment procedure v1.0
7.3 User recruitment procedure v2.0
8.1 WeNet website, visual identity and promo toolkit (PDF) Mar 2019
8.2 WeNet communication and dissemination strategy and plan (PDF) Jul 2019
8.4 Guide for open call applicants
8.5 WeNet open online course
9.1 Developing a conceptual and ethical framework for modelling diversity (PDF) Jul 2019
9.2 A preliminary guideline concerning privacy-standards for WeNet (PDF) Dec 2019
9.3 A revised guideline concerning privacy-standards for WeNet (PDF) Dec 2020
9.4 A report identifying possible abuses of WeNet
10.3 Assessment of project results and impacts