D5.1 W​eN​et​’​s​ D​iversity-A​ware​ I​nteractions

WeNet’s main objective is achieving a diversity-aware, machine-mediated paradigm for social interactions. This deliverable focuses on WeNet’s diversity-aware interaction model that enables our online interactions while ensuring they are privacy-compliant, diversity-aware, and in more general terms, fulfil our ethical requirements.

D2.1 Initial individual learning methods

The overall objective of WP2 (Diversity-Aware Learning of Individual Behaviour) is to design and implement, from mobile sensor and app data, new algorithms to achieve diversity-aware individual routine learning, and diversity-aware user category learning. In other words, the learning methods …

Why diversity is non-negotiable for WeNet

People are different. We are differently gifted. We have different temperaments. We have different tastes. We come in different shapes and sizes. So far, so trivial. In recent years, however, diversity has become a topic of immense interest – and …