The project will run pilot trials in 18 sites worldwide including universities and adult school, involving 10,000 participants throughout the whole duration of the project.

The upcoming second round of pilots will happen in November 2021, followed by a third round in May 2022.



In the first year of the project, a pre-pilot test in Barcelona, led by CSIC, was conducted to involve the association of monoparental families. The work in the first year focused on meeting with the association of monoparental families, and planning the pilot with them. The work also included the process for getting the ethical approval for the pre-pilot as well as drafting the contract with the association.



In the second year of the project, WeNet ran the diversity measurement pilots, aiming at collecting the data needed to build the diversity model and training the algorithms to be used in the pilot iterations that will follow.
This activity involved University of Trento (Italy), the National University of Mongolia, the University of Aalborg (Denmark), the Universidad Católica “Nuestra Señora de la Asunción” (Paraguay), the London School of Economics (UK), and Jilin University (China).