The WeNet project, funded by the European Commission and involving 18 sites worldwide, brings together computer scientists, ethicists and social scientists. The project aims to harness technology to capitalise on the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and interests in a community for the benefit of all. In the chatbot pilots, members of the student community can interact with each other, asking questions and/or offering answers to questions posed by other users.

Earlier this year, about 50 students used a prototype chatbot app, Ask for Help London, to ask questions about academic work, recommendations for weekend activities, recipes, good reads and much more, and to respond to others’ questions with suggestions and advice. In an exit survey, 80% said it was “useful to reach out to others for help” and 85% that “it was useful to provide help to others”. They summarised their experiences as fun, easy, entertaining, informative, and sharing”.  


Here are a couple of quotes from previous participants: 

“It was nice to be able to “talk” with other students —- It made me feel comforted at times knowing there were other students who had the same questions and insecurities as me.”

“In the case of this chatbot, I felt secure because I understood that everyone was from the LSE community”.


Professor George Gaskell and Miriam Bidoglia of the department of Methodology invite you to join the testing of a new version, the [email protected] app, from the 22nd November to the 6th December 2021. Your participation and feedback will make a vital contribution to the further development of the app. For all active [email protected] users, we will make a £10 donation to the SU Hardship Fund, up to £1000. In addition, a draw of five £50 prizes will be made among those completing the post-study evaluation.

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You can register your interest in the study by completing and submitting the form below – Make sure you’re signed in with your LSE account (in your browser, e.g., Microsoft Edge) – the form is restricted to organisational addresses.

For any questions, you can reach us at [email protected].