This page shows the scientific papers related to the WeNet project.

Carme Roig, Ewa Andrejczuk, Juan A. Rodriguez Aguilar, Yolanda Parejo and Carles Sierra.
Diverse Teams in the Classroom”. Paper for AIAED19 Forum, May 2019, Beijing, China.

Stav Yanovsky, Nicholas Hoernle, Omer Lev, and Kobi Gal.
One Size Does Not Fit All: Badge Behavior in Q&A sites”. Paper for the 27th ACM Conference On User Modeling, Adaptation And Personalization, June 2019, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Roi Shillo, Nicholas Hoernle and Kobi Gal.
Detecting Creativity in an Open Ended Geometry Environment”. Paper for the 12th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, July 2019, Montréal, Canada.