WeNet at FET workshop

“Signals from the future: Emerging technologies in science journalism” is the forthcoming workshop organised by FETFX and  projects aiming to make intelligible future technologies such as AI for science communication. 

On November 5th, Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia from University of Trento and WeNet project coordinator will be one of the invited speakers in the panel “The Mis-portrayal of AI in the Media: What to do about it? Researchers & journalists weigh in” where the discussion will be focussed on: Well-known AI and FET AI researchers as well as science communicators/journalists will discuss different, multi-disciplinary perspectives on how AI is presented in the media. Prof. Giunchiglia will present the ongoing activities and current outcomes obtained in WeNet.

For complete agenda and registration: http://www.fetfx.eu/event/signals-future-emerging-technologies-science-journalism/