Report from the Future and Emerging Technologies workshop

The “Signals from the future: Emerging technologies in science journalism” workshop organised by FETFX and QUEST projects, just concluded, offered to the participants multifaceted interpretation on how to communicate science to different audiences: from scientists, media and broad public. One of the three panels “The Mis-portrayal of AI in the Media: What to do about it? Researchers & journalists weigh in” was focused on the investigation on Artificial Intelligence from the media.

WeNet Project Coordinator Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia from University of Trento was one of the invited speakers in this panel and his dissertation was about the understanding of the boundary between what is feasible and what is impossible in AI and consequently why this hype makes senseless promises and endangers AI despite the good things it can do. 

“The ultimate success of Artificial Intelligence would be to make it possible for everybody to exploit, when trying to achieve their objectives, the most suitable person with the best expertise available in the planet. Each person would be augmented with the people’s knowledge and skills available in the world.” said prof. Giunchiglia 

This is exactly the idea behind WeNet.

You can watch the panel video here.