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    • The person submitting the proposal is empowered to represent and commit the applying legal entity.

    • The applicant does not have convictions for fraudulent behaviour, other financial irregularities, unethical or illegal business practices.

    • The applicant is not under liquidation or an enterprise under difficulty according to the Commission Regulation No 651/2014.

    • The applicant has not been declared bankrupt or has initiated bankruptcy procedures.

    • The applicant is not excluded from the possibility of obtaining EU funding under the provisions of both national and EU law, or by a decision of both national or EU authority.

    • The applicant has the appropriate resources to implement the full set of tasks needed within the project.

    • The applicant has not received funding for exactly the same project from other projects or European Commission funding schemes.

    • The project is based on the original works and going forward any foreseen developments are free from third party rights, or they are clearly stated.

    • The applicant, its legal representatives and shareholders are not a WeNet Consortium partner or affiliated entity nor its employees or co-operators under a contractual agreement.

    • The applicant agrees to comply with the GDPR, regarding all personal data that might be included in the proposal or that might be used during the deployment of the project, in case of success of the proposal.

    • Pursuant to art 13 GDPR the applicant read and understood the privacy policy published on the Open Call website.

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