Is an ethical AI even possible?

Ethics is the reflection on moral judgements. It is concerned with questions like “What shall I do?”, “What do we owe to each other?”, and “In what society do we want to live in?”. It refers not only to standards

Launch of WeNet activities in Mexico

The Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnologíca (IPICYT), WeNet Mexican partner, organized a press conference in San Luis Potosi on 27th June 2019, to present the project to the academic community and 14 journalists. Prof. Luis Antonio Salazar Olivo, …

WeNet at Swiss Innovation Night 2019 in Madrid

The aims to present Switzerland’s innovation landscape to an audience that includes members of the business, government, social, and cultural sectors. The themes are chosen based on cooperation in mutual interests with Spain, spanning artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics, astrophysics, …