Open Call takeaways from the winners: FPT University

As the experimentation projects of our Open Call winners came to a closure, we checked back with them to expand on their background and motivations to participate, and to collect stories on their experience within the programme: what they’ve been up to and how WeNet connected with them and helped them to carry on their activities.

Here below, our one-to-one exchange with FPT University.

Could you tell us about your organisation’s background?

FPT Education was founded in 1999, and it’s one of the subsidiaries holding one of the three core operations of FPT Corporation – a pioneer in Vietnam’s IT sector. FPT University’s mission is first and foremost to provide global competitiveness to the largest number of learners, by contributing to their intellectual development – with a particular attention to students’ self-learning management and organisation, which are key to our educational philosophy. What we also particularly value is a respectful and team-spirited environment.

What attracted you to WeNet’s Open Call?

The data collection framework and potentiality of collaboration were the main attraction points for FPT University. The plan was to build our VietF&B project through the involvement of a large number of Vietnamese students – which we have access to – producing a rich research dataset across three big cities from the north, the middle, and the south of the country. And this is something very much aligned with WeNet’s focus.

How did the experience contribute to the development of your organisation?

This data collection had a multi-faceted goal, including daily activity data sensing through mobile phone sensors and daily food and alcohol consumption log surveys, creating summaries and feedback to participants. The work that could be done thanks to the programme will help us to understand more about our students, with a specific focus on their hand-to-mouth behaviour.

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