Open Call winner CommonsLab invites you to test their MaTSE chatbot

If you are based in Greece and part of a co-working project, if you want to learn more about collaborative projects, if you are inspired by projects around Social and Solidarity Economy, CommonsLab has an event in store especially for you.

They have organised an in-person event – on May 18 – to test “MaTSE chatbot – collaborative ads“, meet and discuss: the only thing needed in order to participate in this beta testing is a smartphone, an account on Telegram and an email application in your phone.

What is MaTSE?

MaTSE chatbot is one of the projects which were selected and received support through WeNet’s Open Call: it offers the possibility of matching, i.e. the “matching” of people who are already working on a collaborative project or are interested in setting up one. It also offers the opportunity to post ads in which you can express your interest or availability to work in a cooperative business. Also, through ads you can find people who share a common vision with you to work on a new idea. The chatbot also provides the possibility of direct communication with consultants and mentors, i.e. people who have specialised in the field of Social and Solidarity Economy, so that you can answer equally specialised questions. Finally, the MaTSE chatbot, like any self-respecting Bot, has FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that can be answered by means of a knowledge base.

Event details:

CommonsLab SCE
Wednesday 18/05 | 21:00
Ypoga (Evans 83-85)