Diversity by Design – WeNet Presentation at the AITHICS 2021 workshop

As part of the hybrid 44th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Laura Schelenz (from project partner University of Tübingen) will present WeNet’s research efforts at the workshop “Artificial Intelligence and Ethics” on September 27, 2021. The research by Paula Helm (University of Tübingen), Loizos Michael (Open University Cyprus), and Laura herself, deals with ethical methods to curate diversity in social platforms.

From the introduction to the presented paper:

The unreflected promotion of diversity as a value in social interactions – including technology-mediated ones – risks emphasizing the benefits of inclusion at the cost of not recognizing the potential harm from failing to protect stigmatized or marginalized individuals. Adopting the stance that technology is not value-neutral, we attempt to answer the question of how technology-mediated social platforms could accommodate diversity by design, by balancing the often competing values of protection and inclusion. This short paper presents our research agenda as well as initial analysis and outcomes. Building on approaches from scenario planning and the methodology of Value Sensitive Design, we identify ethical principles and arguments on how to curate diversity, which we seek to operationalize through formal argumentation.

A copy of the paper can be accessed from arxiv at: https://arxiv.org/abs/2109.11484.
For more information on the workshop: https://ki2021-ai-ethics.github.io/