Why ethics is and should be an integral part of technology and of Artificial Intelligence in particular

Dr. Jessica Heesen, WeNet partner from University of Tübingen, recently released an article on the relation between ethics and technological progress, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence.

The article explores how the question of whether technologies generate dystopia or social welfare depends on how we design them. Technologies can lead to discrimination, to an unequal distribution of power and money or to the destruction of our natural environment. This applies to technology in general, but especially to digital technologies, which are at the forefront of technological progress and enable many innovations in various areas.

According to Dr. Heesen, powerful actors and politicians undoubtedly have a special responsibility to create safe and ethical frameworks for a welfare-oriented development of the digital society. Therefore: rules are needed to ensure that the promises and benefits of technology are fairly distributed. If some actors in a society make full use of their freedom, they can restrict the freedom and opportunities of others.

The full article is available at https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/208225.