Between Identity and Ambiguity – Some Conceptual Considerations on Diversity

Dr. Karoline Reinhardt from WeNet’s partner University of Tübingen was recently featured in the Symposion journal with a paper entitled “Between Identity and Ambiguity – Some Conceptual Considerations on Diversity”. Here below an excerpt from the paper’s abstract:

Diversity matters – theoretically and practically, within philosophy and beyond. It is less clear, however, how we are to conceive of diversity. In current debates it is quite common to discuss diversity as a diversity of social identities. In this paper, I will raise five major concerns with regard to this approach from a philosophical perspective. All of them cast doubt on the flexibility and openness to ambiguity of identity-based concepts of diversity. Contrary to an identity-based concept of diversity, I will propose a perspective that stresses ambiguity and fluidity.

The paper is available in its entirety on the “Scientific Publications” section of this website.