Digital-Gipfel: Living more sustainably digitally

Jessica Heesen (from WeNet partner University of Tübingen) was invited to the Digital-Gipfel of the German Government, for a panel discussion about sustainable and ethical AI. Sustainable AI is not only a question of environmental sustainability, but is also linked to ethical requirements. 

Under the motto “Living more sustainably digitally,” the experts from the summit network discussed the opportunities of digitisation for greater sustainability, as well as strategies for increasing the energy efficiency of information and communications technologies themselves. 

In her discussion with Katharina Morik (TU Dortmund) and Lucas Spreiter (Unetiq), Jessica Heesen pointed out that ethical standards such as data protection and fairness should be guiding goals of AI development. They are necessary preconditions for a trustworthy and socially sustainable application. This is exactly where WeNet starts: building trustworthy AI to support a community-oriented application of information technologies.