WeNet diversity measurement pilots

We have successfully completed the first phase of the survey on the field research and the diversity measurement pilots aiming at collecting the data needed to build the model of diversity and training the algorithms to be used in the pilot iterations that will follow. 

The preparatory activities have involved a number od WeNet academic partners: University of Trento (Italy), the National University of Mongolia, the University of Aalborg (Denmark), and the Universidad Católica “Nuestra Señora de la Asunción” (Paraguay), London School of Economics (UK), and Jilin University (China).

The diversity measurement pilots consisted in online surveys, distributed to the above-mentioned Universities’ students, about personal characteristics, practices, lifestyle and routines.

All the collected data will be used to increase the knowledge on diversity, accurately model it, and train the machine learning algorithms.

The invitation to join the survey was sent globally to more than 65.000 students and the response rate is very satisfying in terms of responses and geographical coverage: 

•          Italy: full responses 20,6% and partial responses 34,7%, 
•          Mongolia: full responses 11,6% and partial responses 29,6%
•          Denmark: full responses 7,5% and partial responses 13,9%
•          Paraguay: full responses 3,8% and partial responses 11,5%
•          United Kingdom: full responses 6,3% and partial responses 12,1%
•          China: full responses 17,1% and partial responses 26,9%

Map of participating countries (From Google Analytics)
Participation numbers by country (From Google Analytics)