AI and Sustainability: Jessica Heesen speaks at the TÜV AI Conference in Berlin

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise in Europe – In 2020, things will become concrete: The AI White Paper of the EU Commission, the implementation of the AI strategy of the German Federal Government and the national standardization roadmap are only some of the current AI activities at the political level. So where do we stand with artificial intelligence? What regulation do we need at European and national level? How can AI be used safely in sensitive areas such as medicine or traffic?

On October 5, the German TÜV® invites politicians, academics, and practitioners to the German capital to discuss the future of AI and society. PD Dr. Jessica Heesen is the head of the research group “Media Ethics and Information Technology” at the University of Tübingen and the research leader on ethics at the WeNet project. She will address the impact of AI on our societies in a panel discussion about ethics, sustainability, and AI.

The program and registration for the conference can be found at this link: