Digital University

On August 28, 2019 The University of Trento, WeNet project coordinator, announced Digital University, a new portal providing information about its faculty members, personnel, its organizational units, both academic and administrative. The main novelty is that the portal can be queried about the competences, roles and skills which are available within the University. With more than 3,000 carefully selected competence descriptions which index 1,500 experts who work at the University of Trento, Digital University provides a unique access point for citizens, enterprises and, in general, anybody who needs to know “who is who” within the University. Furthermore, The portal provides fu a flexible, completely integrated, exploration of the available information thanks to an underlying knowledge graph which connects together all the input data, which are extracted from the seven major information system of the University.

The Digital University underlying technology has been developed as part of the European Commission FET Proactive Smart Society project and its follow up FET Innovation Launchpad project White Rabbit Components of its technology are also available open source as part of the Smart Collectives toolkit, which is being used and further developed as part of the WeNet project.

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