WeNet at the Data Driven Innovation Conference

Our partner, U-Hopper, participated with a booth to the Data Driven Innovation 2019  event in Rome, Italy, on 10-11 May 2019.

Data Driven Innovation (DDI) is a key event in the Italian innovation landscape. With a focus on data as enabler of knowledge-intensive economy and of a more equitable society, DDI brings together around 800 participants, representing major IT companies, national governments, policy-makers, experts in business model innovation, deep-tech startups and academics in computer and social sciences. The 2019 edition had a spotlight on Artificial Intelligence, intended as both the most promising innovation area for enabling a data-driven economy, and the riskiest one because of its potential pitfalls in terms of impact on individuals, communities and society. The debate focussed on how to build an ‘ethical’ AI, that respects the guiding principles of the European society In this respect, the focus of WeNet on how to strengthen and leverage diversity in AI turned out to be a perfect fit.

Presenting WeNet at the U-Hopper’s booth, we had the opportunity to liaise with relevant institutions and individuals active in the digital transformation area, raising WeNet acitivities’ awareness and setting the foundations for future collaborations.

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