KOM in Trento


The Horizon 2020 funded WeNet research project officially started in January with a kick-off meeting (KOM) in snowy Trento, Italy. WeNet is a multidisciplinary project – using computer science, sociology and engineering – that will create a platform that enables people to support each other in a way that transcends geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Diversity is a key enabler of the WeNet platform. It will use machine-learning algorithms to build user-profiles based on behavior and other key factors. The profiles will then be matched to positively exploit the diversity of users, allowing them to help one another. By connecting people from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, WeNet will enable them to interact and incentivize them to assist one another in ways that would not formerly have been possible.

The WeNet platform will be the basis of a series of studies within universities worldwide with diverse student populations to improve students’ quality of life inside and outside the academic environment, taking into consideration ethical and privacy guidelines.

WeNet will start with a number of Smart University pilots to exploit diversity case studies. These will be extended by further engaging 5 new pilot sites that will be found via the Open Call funding system. For ensuring the long-term sustainability of the research infrastructure, a non-profit organization will be created, which will be in charge of managing the infrastructure and managing the community

This highly skilled consortium, led by the University of Trento, is composed of 15 partners from Europe and Israel, India, Mongolia, Paraguay, Mexico and China. The complementarity of the consortium partners is one of the greatest added values of WeNet, which includes highly rated universities and SMEs.

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